My first day off in Spain

I think I’ll start directly with my 5 days of travelling becaus… well during my time in Marbella nothing really interesting happened. But I neither travelled or made some trips, so there wasn’t even the chance for something big to happen! 😛

But back to my first day off. 

I went with my friend to Algeciras. For those of you who know Algeciras, you know that it is not a beautiful city and also has no special attractions. So why did I go there?

The answer is really simple. If you would like to go to Tarifa, Gibraltar or even Marokko, Algeciras is the place from where you could reach all those citys best! …When you don’t bring your car just like me 😀 
Well everyone in Spain made big eyes when we told them that we want to travel around by public transport. The all say, that you normally need a car for that. It’s much easier and the public busses (We had to take them most of the time) they are… well let say special. But I swear after a short time you are getting used to it! 
Our first time when we had to take the bus where from Marbella to Algeciras.

To explain our situation so that you all get it, I have to go back a bit in time. (Really just a little bit!)

Before my friend and I went to Spain, we book two privat flats. (If anyone of you is interested in doing the same …I can highly recommend this!!!… look on the internet-page:
The first flat was like I said before in Algeciras and the second one was in Mijas.

So back to Marbella busstation.
We were there nearly half an hour before our specific bus should leave. Why did we need that specific bus? Because our hostess offered us to bring us from the busstation in Algeciras to our flat. So I had to tell her a specific time when we are planning to arrive there.
But we hadn’t fate on our site. 
In Marbella we were told, that the next bus we can take leaves two hours later, becaus our bus is full. 
Oh damn!! We buyed tikets and thought about what to do next. We both didn’t buyed an internetflat or somethink so we were not able to use our smartphones. (We thought it is a good idea living without internet some days…. And to be honest it is not that bad! …Except in one of those situations!)
So because I am the bigger one I ran around to look for an internet cafe and after 20 minutes I really found one. I wrote our hostess our new arriving time and went back to my friend. And we waited and waited and waited. And I was feeling a bit uncomfortable thinking about the trouble we coused our hostess.
BUT when we arrived it was such a nice experience. She was so friendly and it didn’t bothered here that we were late. 
Later one we experienced this serenity many times again. I really like that! It seems to be normal for spanish people.
After Pilar (our hostess) catched us from the busstation she showed us places where you can go to the beach, go shopping, go out to eat or the nearer but also smaler busstation. (The problem with that I’ll explain in my next posts!) 😉

After this tour we relaxed a bit and then we went to the beach. I have to admit, that I didn’t thought it would be that nice. The sand was so soft and white like flour. And it was a big one. Even if it was really full it was easy to find a place,
In the evening we found a cute spanish restaurant were we ate some typical spanish food…. okay no we ate noodles… but they were really good! 🙂

Back home we made plans for the next days and enjoyed the pool! YEEEAH we had a pool 😀 how cool is that? :O And there is a dolphin inside!!! 😀

If you want to know whats happening the next days, you have wait for my next post! 😛
(But I can tell you it becomes more and more exciting!!!!) 


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