Butterfly Park Benamádena

Hey guys! 
Wow that took much longer than I thought!

I know I know… I wanted to write this long time ago. I don’t want to excuse this, so I am just writing it now. Hope you enjoy!

So I think we have the last two days open.

The day before we had to leave we’ve been in Benalmádena. There we visited the “Mariposario”.
When ever I hear there is something with butterflies you can bet that I’ll be there! I really love these animals! They are so majestic and beautiful! And there are so many different kinds! It was just awesome!

This is one of those big blue ones... It was really hard to take a foto of these ones because they were so restless. Unfortunately I didn't manage to take a foto of the inside of his beautiful blue wings.

This is one of those big blue ones… It was really hard to take a foto of these ones because they were so restless.
Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a foto of the inside of his beautiful blue wings.


This one I also saw in Marbella on our campus. I couldn't belive that I have seen such a beauty in the free nature! :)

This one I also saw in Marbella on our campus. I couldn’t belive that I have seen such a beauty in the free nature! 🙂



Eating time! :)

Eating time! 🙂

Beautiful Butterfly - In the Butterfly Park Benalmádena

Beautiful Butterfly – In the Butterfly Park Benalmádena

Wow there was also a small kangaroo, an iguana, a turtle and a chameleon! How cool is that?

Wow there was also a small kangaroo, an iguana, a turtle and a chameleon! How cool is that?

This is an overview of the Park. It isn't sooo extreamly big, but you can explore many details and cool things. (Like the kangaroo :D)

This is an overview of the Park. It isn’t sooo extreamly big, but you can explore many details and cool things. (Like the kangaroo :D)

And the best thing that happened back there:

There... is.. a butterfly... on.. my... head... Don't move! Don't move! TAKE A FOTOOOOO!!!

There… is.. a butterfly… on.. my… head…
Don’t move! Don’t move!

Oh my gosh!!! That was so cool! 🙂

After an hour running around and taking pictures of butterflies we went back to our flat in Mijas and enjoyed our last evening with a glas of red wine! 🙂

Normally I don't like red wine, but this one was really good! :)

Normally I don’t like red wine, but this one was really good! 🙂

On the following day I had to fly back home. On the one hand I was happy because my friend was really homesick… sometimes it was really annoying! But on the other hand I was sad. I had to leave Spain which is such a beautiful country and back home in germany it was just rainy and cold!
But there wasn’t anything to do about it, so we had to go!

Byebye Spain! 😥

Meadow of heaven - on my way back home

Meadow of heaven – on my way back home


Just a short info: I’m currently making a practical training in a hotel… thats why I don’t have much time to write, but when I have finished that, I will (hopefully) write more often! 😉

See you later! 🙂


Monkey business!

The third day of my trip I spent in Gibraltar!

For those of you who don’t like geography, Gibraltar is in the south of Spain but it belongs to the british kingdom. So as you can imagine it was a different feeling walking through this city!

England in Spain (Gibraltar)

England in Spain (Gibraltar)

We had to take a long walk over the landing field of the airport and through the city. There are many shops and attractions where you get a british feeling (as you can see above!). 

Our destination was the mountain where monkeys live. During our walk many many people offerd us to drive us with their bus to the four attractions on the mountain. They tried to convince us to drive with them and not with a cable care to the top of the mountain. 
But fortunately we took the cable car! If you only want to see the monkeys and like walking around on your own, I highly recommend taking a cable car. You can take as much time as you like at the different attractions and you pay the same price or even less if you only like to see a part of the four attractions. 

Chilling monkey

Chilling with a monkey

The monkey are so calm. They don’t care if you come really close just like me 😀

But you shouldn’t wear a hat or cary a bag with food or something like that. They really like to steal things.

Gibraltar and Algeciras from the Mountain

Gibraltar and Algeciras from the Mountain

The view from the mountain is magnificent and breathtaking! Just the view is worth it!

Mountain of apes

Mountain of apes

Mountain of apes

Mountain of apes

In Tarifa my friend bought a bag with the quote “last bag befor afrika”. From the mountain we were also able to se Afrika and there I took this funny foto.

Last bag before Afrika

Last bag before Afrika

After a time of running around without any plan (I really appreciate this becaus it’s kind of an adventure!) we found an old ruin. We went in and there was a whole where once was a window… or maybe was. We climbed through it and stood on a lonesome cliff. The view we had was… I can’t find a word for it! We really enjoyed just standing there and watch over the far ocean. It was a feeling of perfect peace and quiet.
Our place! :)

Our place! 🙂

We have been there the whole day ejoying the view!

Tomorrow I’ll write about our last days because the day after Gibraltar we had to move from Algeciras to Mijas. It’s not thaaat interesting. So I’ll let you know about the rest of my holidays. 
I hope you enjoyed and stay curious!

A wonderful day in Tarifa

The second day off I’ve been to Tarifa. Our Hostess took us there. Back we drove by bus.

First thing we did was watching the old town in the center of the city.
It is so cute. All those small alleys and small shops. It was so beautiful. I highly recommend this if you’ll ever be there. It’s perfect if you like to go shopping for hand-made-things like jewelry or clothing. And after you have finished your tour, you can sit down in a small spanish restaurant and maybe you are as lucky as me and some tables next to yours a spanish guitarist starts playing! That will make your day unforgetable!

Small alleys in the old city of Tarifa

Small alleys in the old city of Tarifa

The other thing you really have to do is: watch Afrika! Tarifa is the most southern point of spain and on a sunny and clear day you can see the silhouette of Marokko.

Afrika from the view of Tarifa - isn't it near?

Afrika from the view of Tarifa – isn’t it near?

Originally we wanted to go to Marokko by a ferry but back home I couldn’t find my passport. You can’t imagine how angry I have been!

Then the last thing we did was enjoying the beach. You have a very long shore with white soft sand! It’s awesome!

A very small part of the beach in Tarifa - and by the way not a really good fotography I have to admit

A very small part of the beach in Tarifa – and by the way not a really good fotography I have to admit

The crystal-clear water

The crystal-clear water

Then after a very long but funny day and with some new things in our backs, we wanted to drive back home. But it wasn’t that easy. We went to the busstation but after a time we figured out we missed our bus. So we had to wait for the next. The timetable said 1 hour to wait. After 1 and nearly half an hour the bus came and we were able to drive back. That was our first experience with a bus not comming at the right time. And it wasn’t our last! But you know what was the most interesting thing we learned in these situations? Nobody cares! All those spanish people were waiting for the bus but nobody was at least a little bit annoyed. They are all so relaxed and easy going! I really love that! 

That was it for today! 🙂
Stay curious!

My first day off in Spain

I think I’ll start directly with my 5 days of travelling becaus… well during my time in Marbella nothing really interesting happened. But I neither travelled or made some trips, so there wasn’t even the chance for something big to happen! 😛

But back to my first day off. 

I went with my friend to Algeciras. For those of you who know Algeciras, you know that it is not a beautiful city and also has no special attractions. So why did I go there?

The answer is really simple. If you would like to go to Tarifa, Gibraltar or even Marokko, Algeciras is the place from where you could reach all those citys best! …When you don’t bring your car just like me 😀 
Well everyone in Spain made big eyes when we told them that we want to travel around by public transport. The all say, that you normally need a car for that. It’s much easier and the public busses (We had to take them most of the time) they are… well let say special. But I swear after a short time you are getting used to it! 
Our first time when we had to take the bus where from Marbella to Algeciras.

To explain our situation so that you all get it, I have to go back a bit in time. (Really just a little bit!)

Before my friend and I went to Spain, we book two privat flats. (If anyone of you is interested in doing the same …I can highly recommend this!!!… look on the internet-page: airbnb.com)
The first flat was like I said before in Algeciras and the second one was in Mijas.

So back to Marbella busstation.
We were there nearly half an hour before our specific bus should leave. Why did we need that specific bus? Because our hostess offered us to bring us from the busstation in Algeciras to our flat. So I had to tell her a specific time when we are planning to arrive there.
But we hadn’t fate on our site. 
In Marbella we were told, that the next bus we can take leaves two hours later, becaus our bus is full. 
Oh damn!! We buyed tikets and thought about what to do next. We both didn’t buyed an internetflat or somethink so we were not able to use our smartphones. (We thought it is a good idea living without internet some days…. And to be honest it is not that bad! …Except in one of those situations!)
So because I am the bigger one I ran around to look for an internet cafe and after 20 minutes I really found one. I wrote our hostess our new arriving time and went back to my friend. And we waited and waited and waited. And I was feeling a bit uncomfortable thinking about the trouble we coused our hostess.
BUT when we arrived it was such a nice experience. She was so friendly and it didn’t bothered here that we were late. 
Later one we experienced this serenity many times again. I really like that! It seems to be normal for spanish people.
After Pilar (our hostess) catched us from the busstation she showed us places where you can go to the beach, go shopping, go out to eat or the nearer but also smaler busstation. (The problem with that I’ll explain in my next posts!) 😉

After this tour we relaxed a bit and then we went to the beach. I have to admit, that I didn’t thought it would be that nice. The sand was so soft and white like flour. And it was a big one. Even if it was really full it was easy to find a place,
In the evening we found a cute spanish restaurant were we ate some typical spanish food…. okay no we ate noodles… but they were really good! 🙂

Back home we made plans for the next days and enjoyed the pool! YEEEAH we had a pool 😀 how cool is that? :O And there is a dolphin inside!!! 😀

If you want to know whats happening the next days, you have wait for my next post! 😛
(But I can tell you it becomes more and more exciting!!!!) 

Back home again! :)

I’m back!

After two and a half weeks of hard work in Les Roches Marbella and 5 days off I finally have a working internet connection.
Wow that was a taff trip!

Campus Les Roches Marbella

Campus Les Roches Marbella

The first 2 and a half weeks I stayed in Les Roches Marbella. It is a school for people who would like to study anything about hotels and gastronomy.

Our Kitchen-Group

Our Kitchen-Group

I was there with all my fellow students for a summerschool programm. This programm included everyday classes (always about 3 or 4 hours), the first week work in the kitchen (nearly 9 hours per day and also till the weekend) and the second week we had to work in service areas. And after that we had to write exams about all the things we had to learn during that time. … I hope I passed them :O

Okay I have to admit, that we also had some time off. And of course we used that time!

Alfredo... we named the statue in the back Alfredo! :D

Alfredo… we named the statue in the back Alfredo! 😀

Hard Rock Cafe Marbella (Puerto Banus)

Hard Rock Cafe Marbella (Puerto Banus) 

Well mostly we went to the beach to enjoy the sun and the ocean… The first time I enjoyed it a bit to much! xD I was red like a tomato!!! Or we went to Puerto Banus. It’s a lovely city! I can highly recommend going to the traditional market, into the Corte Ingles and if you are as motivated as me to improve your spanish you can also go into the cinema there. I’ve been in “Tinkerbell” or like you would say in Spanish “Campanilla y los piratas”. It was a very funny experience but normally I wouldn’t look a film like that. But if you want to party you have to go to Puerto Banus …I think the name of one good bar or club was Terra Blues or something like that. 😉 (but it’s always full with young crazy people… and I mean REEEEALLY full!)

But enough of that… To be honest it was an exhausting time. Even if I love Spain, the sun and the beach.

Well I had some days left to enjoy all these things.

Streets in Tarifa's Old Town

Streets in Tarifa’s Old Town

View from Gibraltar to Afrika

View from Gibraltar to Afrika

Mijas from our balcony

Mijas from our balcony

These pictures just show a very small part of all my impressions. (I’ll post some more in the following days!)
But as you can see we (My friend Harriet and me) travelled a lot in these five days. Our first stop was in Algeciras were we had a flat for 3 days. From there we travelled to Tarifa and to Gibraltar. I was really impressed how easy and cheap it is to travel with public transports. After these 3 days we went to Mijas. There we stayed 2 days and then we flew back to germany.

…You’ll hear from me soon! And I’ll explain everything in detail to you! I swear! 🙂