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Spain – Marbella


Comming on 14th August :)… (maybe xD)




United Kingdom – London


Last Silvester (2013/14) I made a roadtrip to London. It was a great idea but the planning contained many bugs… But even though it was a fascinating experience.

China Town in London Soho... well it was beautiful but not as I expected.

China Town in London Soho… well it was beautiful but not as I expected.

After a veeeeery long ride on a bus we weren’t able to spend or firt day in the city because we’ve been so tired.
The following day we made a sightseeing tour through London with a very big group…  I have to admit, that I’m not a big fan of these tours! I prefer running around on my own or with my friends… and without any time plan or something!
And so did my friends! So we just left the group and made our own tour through London 🙂 That really was fun. We had no plan, where to go next so we played “Paper, Scissours, Rock” to decide in which direction to go next. Much better than this tough touring plans!
In the evening we decided to go to the river Thames…. but we stayed to long in our hotelroom making fun of each other and taking silly pictures of our fighting with pillows 😀
Even though we found a place where we could watch the fireworks. That really was amazing! We celebrated the whole night! At this point, let me give you an advice. Don’t go partying to hard and into the morning, when you have to stand up at 6 o’clock to catch the bus that should take you home…. Not a good idea!!!
But in the end we really made it back home and to be honest it was a chaotic vacation but with many good memories.



Spain – Torremolinos
The last country I visited was Spain.
I’ve been there with a very good friend of mine. It was the reward for our graduation. We had the chance to go with some classmates but we didn’t want to. So we went on our own trip 🙂

A 1-week trip with my very best friend!  Was the best trip I had till then!

A 1-week trip with my very best friend!
Was the best trip I had till then!


We stayed in a very beautyful hotel in Torremolinos. It’s a beautiful small city 17km away from Málaga. The Hotel was directly conected to the beach and we had many “chiringuitos” along that beach. Nearly every afternoon we spend in one of these to test the cocktails and find out who makes the best ones 😉
I can definitely recommend the Mango-Daiquiri! Or every other Daiquiri :)… Of course only for those of you who like fruity cocktails like I do 😉

One day we spend in Málaga. It was during the Football-EM. We watched a match in a very nice cocktailbar. Later on my friend ordered a “Swimming Pool” (by the way also a Cocktail I can highly recommand 😉 ). After she took her first sip, she had a look on her face that said: “jeez… that’s hard stuff!” The owner of the bar saw that and came towards us. He kindly asks us if there was to much alcohol in it and if he could bring us a new one. We denied. We didn’t want him to put hisself out on our account. But he insisted. He told us to drink a bit more of it, so he could just fill it up with juice. When he came back, he had a juce AND a new cocktail for us. We were so spechless, that we swapt into talking in german. He noticed that and than talked to us in german. We were even more confused. o.O We hardly found people there that could understand us in english but then someone who talks perfecly german. That was so amazing! It turned out, that he original was from Germany but then went to Spain to marry his wife and life with their daughter. She was so cute 🙂
We met her because we told the friendly man, that we were planing to go back to Torremolinos on foot. During that time we didn’t know how far away Torremolinos was from Málaga… His eyes gone bigger and bigger and that was the first time we supposed that it wasn’t our best idea…
He told us, that it is not possible to walk the whole way along the beach because there is one part where you have to go on the highway…. (not that good)… or the other option was to swim around the part… (even worse!!!) But he then told us, that his wife and their daughter (she was about 3 or 4 year old… such a cuty!!!) had to drive in the same dirction. They offerd us to take us to a certain point. I still can’t belive that we had so much luck… But it was a day I’ll never forget (… as you can see… because it has been 2 years since then xD)
We now have the 16.7.2014 aaaand in a few days I’ll be back there! o.O I’m so excited!!! (… and I just can’t hide it… I know I know… Okay shut up Samira!!!)





I took this vacation with my parents and some friends of them. Because they didn’t want me to feel lonly or bring with just some older guyes, they allowed me to take a friend with me… (They shouldn’t have done that… butt later more about that)

Like you maybe have noticed this holiday really is difficult to describe… It has two very different sides. On the one hand it was really beautiful. Croatia is a extremely wonderful country. It has a magnifiicent landscape and the “Plitvice Lakes” are one of those places you should at least one day in your life.

This is just one part of a very big area full of turquoise water! It's really breathtaking!

This is just one part of a very big area full of turquoise water! It’s really breathtaking!

This was just one of many beautiful trips I made back there.
But you should never take a friend with you and just YOUR parents… Well okay it depends on what kind of person she or he is, but… she definitely was one of those who couldn’t take it if she isn’t the person in center… I won’t go more into detail, because these kind of things don’t belong here, but what I can say is that on this vacation our friendship ended.
Yes it’s a bit tragic but I just see it positive 🙂 If I wouldn’t have taken her there, I now wouldn’t know what kind of person she really is!!!
Ans I learned some other very important rules for life 🙂 (Like you can’t take anyone you like on a vacation… there are so many different types. Some of them may fit in the normal life, but maybe not on a trip… Those people you can travel with, without any big problems (there always will be some 😉 )… those are special people and you should cultivate your friendship!



















I’m afraid, I can’t tell you anything about this tripp… I think it was my very first vacation. I mean reeeeally my first one! I think I’ve been 5 or 6 years old… so a very long time ago… And I hardly remember anything… But one memory and by the way the most important one… I began to love travelling!!! 🙂


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