Addition to the blog topic “travelling”

Hi everyone 🙂

Like some of you may have recognized I changed the name and the topic of my blog to some extent. I did that because I am a bit unsure about what I want to write.
The first thing that came into my mind was travelling and that will be definitely the main topic here. But I also like to write about… well my life in general. I would like to share some ideas and desires with you and maybe some of my leisure activities. 
I also want to indroduce some insider tips like bands or actors that are not as popular as they should be or something… 

Travelling is a big part of my life but it’s not the only on. I am also a big fan of many art styles, fotographing, movies, comedians, lots of other things and music! My dad was a musician, in school it was my favourit subject and I love many different genres of music and listen to them everytime I can. I have a song for nearly every situation in life. That’s becaus “Music was my first love!”

Do you know what I mean? I will focus on writing about travelling but thats not all. I think I will sometimes make a tight combination of travelling, arts (especially fotos) and music… And I think I just wanted to inform you 😀