Monkey business!

The third day of my trip I spent in Gibraltar!

For those of you who don’t like geography, Gibraltar is in the south of Spain but it belongs to the british kingdom. So as you can imagine it was a different feeling walking through this city!

England in Spain (Gibraltar)

England in Spain (Gibraltar)

We had to take a long walk over the landing field of the airport and through the city. There are many shops and attractions where you get a british feeling (as you can see above!). 

Our destination was the mountain where monkeys live. During our walk many many people offerd us to drive us with their bus to the four attractions on the mountain. They tried to convince us to drive with them and not with a cable care to the top of the mountain. 
But fortunately we took the cable car! If you only want to see the monkeys and like walking around on your own, I highly recommend taking a cable car. You can take as much time as you like at the different attractions and you pay the same price or even less if you only like to see a part of the four attractions. 

Chilling monkey

Chilling with a monkey

The monkey are so calm. They don’t care if you come really close just like me 😀

But you shouldn’t wear a hat or cary a bag with food or something like that. They really like to steal things.

Gibraltar and Algeciras from the Mountain

Gibraltar and Algeciras from the Mountain

The view from the mountain is magnificent and breathtaking! Just the view is worth it!

Mountain of apes

Mountain of apes

Mountain of apes

Mountain of apes

In Tarifa my friend bought a bag with the quote “last bag befor afrika”. From the mountain we were also able to se Afrika and there I took this funny foto.

Last bag before Afrika

Last bag before Afrika

After a time of running around without any plan (I really appreciate this becaus it’s kind of an adventure!) we found an old ruin. We went in and there was a whole where once was a window… or maybe was. We climbed through it and stood on a lonesome cliff. The view we had was… I can’t find a word for it! We really enjoyed just standing there and watch over the far ocean. It was a feeling of perfect peace and quiet.
Our place! :)

Our place! 🙂

We have been there the whole day ejoying the view!

Tomorrow I’ll write about our last days because the day after Gibraltar we had to move from Algeciras to Mijas. It’s not thaaat interesting. So I’ll let you know about the rest of my holidays. 
I hope you enjoyed and stay curious!


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