Back home again! :)

I’m back!

After two and a half weeks of hard work in Les Roches Marbella and 5 days off I finally have a working internet connection.
Wow that was a taff trip!

Campus Les Roches Marbella

Campus Les Roches Marbella

The first 2 and a half weeks I stayed in Les Roches Marbella. It is a school for people who would like to study anything about hotels and gastronomy.

Our Kitchen-Group

Our Kitchen-Group

I was there with all my fellow students for a summerschool programm. This programm included everyday classes (always about 3 or 4 hours), the first week work in the kitchen (nearly 9 hours per day and also till the weekend) and the second week we had to work in service areas. And after that we had to write exams about all the things we had to learn during that time. … I hope I passed them :O

Okay I have to admit, that we also had some time off. And of course we used that time!

Alfredo... we named the statue in the back Alfredo! :D

Alfredo… we named the statue in the back Alfredo! 😀

Hard Rock Cafe Marbella (Puerto Banus)

Hard Rock Cafe Marbella (Puerto Banus) 

Well mostly we went to the beach to enjoy the sun and the ocean… The first time I enjoyed it a bit to much! xD I was red like a tomato!!! Or we went to Puerto Banus. It’s a lovely city! I can highly recommend going to the traditional market, into the Corte Ingles and if you are as motivated as me to improve your spanish you can also go into the cinema there. I’ve been in “Tinkerbell” or like you would say in Spanish “Campanilla y los piratas”. It was a very funny experience but normally I wouldn’t look a film like that. But if you want to party you have to go to Puerto Banus …I think the name of one good bar or club was Terra Blues or something like that. 😉 (but it’s always full with young crazy people… and I mean REEEEALLY full!)

But enough of that… To be honest it was an exhausting time. Even if I love Spain, the sun and the beach.

Well I had some days left to enjoy all these things.

Streets in Tarifa's Old Town

Streets in Tarifa’s Old Town

View from Gibraltar to Afrika

View from Gibraltar to Afrika

Mijas from our balcony

Mijas from our balcony

These pictures just show a very small part of all my impressions. (I’ll post some more in the following days!)
But as you can see we (My friend Harriet and me) travelled a lot in these five days. Our first stop was in Algeciras were we had a flat for 3 days. From there we travelled to Tarifa and to Gibraltar. I was really impressed how easy and cheap it is to travel with public transports. After these 3 days we went to Mijas. There we stayed 2 days and then we flew back to germany.

…You’ll hear from me soon! And I’ll explain everything in detail to you! I swear! 🙂


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