Two days left! o.O

In two days I’ll be back in Spain!!!

I’m so excited… and I just can’t hide it!!…Samira, just shut up and write!!!

Well why am I going to Spain again? Well first of all it is a very beautiful country and I reeeally love the language! …But to be honest I have to go. Why? Because I’m studying IMSI. What has one to do with the other? 
Well my college has a partner-school in Marbella. This school is focusing on the hotel-business. Thats why we have to go there and lern some basic stuff about hotels! So it is not going to be just leisure holiday… At first… 😀 after the time in the school a fellow student of mine and me are going to make a trip to Mijas and to Algeciras to enjoy our last few days down there 🙂

But first I hope that I don’t miss my flights and I hope that I’ll arrive there in total… It’s my first time I of flying completely alone and I am a bit nervous…

I’m going to manage that quest somehow! 🙂

Well what am I doing to stop me from going totally crazy in these two days?
Well today I’ll visit my children… WHAT SHE HAS CHILDREN? HOW MANY? well I think about 20 or something… WHAAAAT?… okay they are not MY children but the children I trained in trampolining befor I started to study. It’s one thing that I really miss in my everyday life now… After that I’m invited to a birthday of a very good friend. So today I won’t get the chance to go crazy…
But tomorrow… well I think I kept this day free especially to go crazy 😀 and of course to pack my bag.

Wish me luck and stay curious!