It’s my first time o.O… so please be gentle :D

Hi everyone,
i’ve never done this before so please excuse if I’m doing something unnormal or strange maybe 😀

First of all, I know my english is sometimes not that good as it should be…. but I’ll practise! I promise!
I think now I’ll begin with some information about me and my life. I’m a 20 year old student and I live in Iserlohn Germany. Yaaay I can boast for the next  four years that we won the world’s champion chip 😀

In Iserlohn I study International Management for Service Industries. So I hopefully learn how to lead a hotel or a tourism agency or how to become an event manager. But originally I’m from Hanover. Because of that you will often get blogs from these two cities.

Now why am I starting this blog?
Maybe because I need to distract myself from studying :’D Just a joke 😀
I thought it would be a good way to exchange myself with other people who have similar plans like me. And I promise I have biiiig plans! 😀

Yes there is a reason why I study IMSI! (much easier to remember, isn’t it?) 😀
I want to become a hotel manager and I would like to work in different kinds of hotels and of cooourse in different countries!!!
There are so many hotels and countries I want to see and not only for a week or so. Of course I have some countries in mind 😀
Well I think “some” isn’t the right expresion… I want to see the world. That’s my biggest wish. To make a world trip and see different kinds of landscapes, cultures and peoples. And I don’t want to just see it but feel it!
So the job as a hotelmanager would be perfect. Becaus I study it international I hopefully have the opportunity to work in different countries. So I can live there for two or three years because than it’s normal to change your working place. But I think two or three years should be enough to really see and feel the culture and the land your living in. And this is a perfect way to see many places and learn more about them as if you would just make your holidays there.

Unfortunately it is a very long way to go.
But I’ve already made some stepps in the right direction I think.
Because of my study program I have to work in Spain for a hotel school from the 20the july. So actually in a week… :O (so I already have to apologize that in this period of time I can’t write :(… but after that I have much to tell I think ;))

And another good one os the study abroad semester. Next year I am studying for one semester in Chile 🙂 …hopefully

But before I have to manage the next semester (I hope I passed all my last exams… I haven’t got all my results… after that I should worry about the next semester…), some practical trainings and other … boring… stuff -.-

But like Gabriel Iglesias said “Sometimes you need to create your own entertainment!”
I think I should do that to!


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